Year of PoC

Research and prove the feasibility of Agridential solution through application on specific products
  • Conceptual solution

    Approach Farms & Business Analysis

    Smartcontract architecture

  • Successful PoC with Mango, Pomelo, Organic products

    Business model

    Officially public annoucement in Vietnam Blockchain Summit

  • Universal traceability portal

    Manufacturing digital diary

    Integrating GS1 identification

  • Agridential Mobile App

    Consuming digital diary

    GS1 data model

Year Of MVP

Building and perfecting the Agridential Blockchain architecture, making the solution become a traceability protocol using pioneering Blockchain technology in the world.
  • Enterprise Blockchain deployment for Provinces

    Agridential Web app

    Management tools

  • MVP on Agridential Blockchain

    Intellectual property License

    AgriExplorer for Blockchain raw data

  • Expand MVP to 50 - 100 traceability customers

    Agridential Licensed trademark

    Statistics and reporting system

  • Agridential Whitepaper

    Integrating IoT for managing products

    Graph QL & Neo4j Compatibility

Year of Product

Connecting production facilities and retailers to form a consumer product network (ATON). Adding value to products in Agridential ecosystem
  • 20+ high-tech products showroom

    Integrated with online Marketplace

    Zero knowledge privacy layer implementation

  • Agridential Traceability Open Network (ATON)

    Legal framework guideline for traceability

    Offchain storage & computing implementation

  • Agridential decentralized loyalty system

    Integrating self sovereign identity

    100+ Enterprise node in Blockchain network

  • South East Asia approach

    200+ products applied loyalty points

    Recommender system - integrated AI & Data Mining

Year of IPO

Mobilize more investment sources to develop solutions and expand markets
  • Publish IPO documents

  • IPO and raising fund

  • Agridential decentrailized maketplace

  • International worldwide