On July 19, 2020, a ceremony to summarize the communication program “Building a National Green Economy System – Business for the benefits of Consumers, Typical Intellectual Businessmen 2020” and presented the golden board for entrepreneurs, intellectuals, brands, products, and prestigious services of typical businesses in the country.

Responding to the campaign of Vietnamese people prioritizing to use Vietnamese goods and Promoting the implementation of the National Strategy on Green Growth in the 2011-2020 period, with a vision to 2050 of the Prime Minister. Strengthen the propaganda to raise awareness of people and society about the role and meaning of green growth. Encouraging units and enterprises to apply high-tech techniques to raise the competitiveness of Vietnamese brands while raising the awareness and responsibility of organizations and enterprises in protecting their customers’ benefits and rights. With the function of gathering solidarity of businessmen, intellectuals all over the country to exchange studying together to develop the economy and society, to encourage domestic production, set up strong Vietnamese brands and products, contribute to protect the legitimate interests of consumers, the Institute of Economics and Culture in association with the Vietnam Consumer Protection Center and the Vietnam Consultant Association of Information Economic – Trade (VCAIET) to organize a communication program:  “Building a National Green Economy System – Business for the benefits of Consumers, Typical Intellectual Businessmen 2020” 

VIETNAM BLOCKCHAIN CORPORATION is considered as bringing lots of positive values during the operating time, some outstanding achievements can be mentioned as: Enhancing Vietnamese Agriculture Product Value through Blockchain; Developing Potential Blockchain Projects to Promote Social Development; Promoting Connectivity and Development of the Blockchain Community; Leveraging Potential of Blockchain to Curtail the Outbreak of COVID-19”.

With endless efforts, VBC is honored to be recognized as a leading technology company voted by Apac Business Headlines and also the only unit in Vietnam to receive this title.

Over the past several decades, Vietnam has made great strides in creating and maintaining an economy with rapid GDP growth. One of the main reasons is that Vietnam is responding quickly to new technologies, for example, at present, Vietnam is gradually becoming the cradle of blockchain technology. The great potential of this key technology is driving many domestic startups to apply blockchain to increase business efficiency. Although was received much more attention, the implementation of blockchain technology solutions is still very new in Vietnam in Vietnam, which is still in its infancy.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted virtually all businesses, but the effect has not been uniformed exactly. While the current disruption may present challenges to the blockchain industry in the short term, it will also unlock new opportunities in the mid and longer-term. By providing help in the COVID-19 crisis and recovery, blockchain can play a pivotal role in accelerating post-crisis digital transformation initiatives and solving those problems highlighted in the current system.