Blockchain Enables Vietnamese Mangoes to Enter American Markets

On 18 April 2019, The first eight tons of Vietnamese mangoes were successfully exported to the American market. All of the mango packages were merchandised from My Xuong Cooperative in Cao Lanh, Dong Thap Province. All of the mango packages meet the requirement of Vietgap, which offers quality assurance, no pesticide residue, and meets size standard requirements.

The journey to export Vietnamese mangoes to the US is not easy but due to our efforts in meeting the stringent quality standards, after ten years of negotiating and completion of all regulatory procedures, Vietnamese mangoes have obtained a “passport” to begin its journey in US market. The route to conquer this market is expected to be extremely difficult but it also opens up many opportunities for Vietnamese agricultural products.

Blockchain Enables Vietnamese Mangoes to Enter American Markets

The ceremony to mark the 1st export of Vietnam’s mango batch to the US market

In order to ensure the quality requirements to export mangoes meeting the US’s standards, since last year, many export enterprises, partners, and experts came to My Xuong Corporative to survey the mango planting model following VietGap and GlobalGap standards.  As such, they also provided guidance to farmers about effective production methods that can meet the US standards and as a result, Vietnamese mangoes are qualified to export to the US. This event creates motivation for Vietnamese farmers in finding a solution to the problem of “high cost, poor quality” for Vietnamese agricultural products.

Blockchain Enables Vietnamese Mangoes to Enter American Markets

Each mango meets quality standards and has clear and transparent information on stamps

Moreover, in order to meet the global quality standards for traceability and agricultural product management, the My Xuong Mango Cooperative, associated with Vietnam Blockchain Corporation, that created blockchain technology application for mango traceability.

Blockchain Enables Vietnamese Mangoes to Enter American Markets

Each mango has a QR Code identification stamp using GS1 standards in blockchain technology. Consumers can track and trace all the information of the mangoes, from fertilizing, spraying, packaging, to harvest and distribution. All the information is recorded by individual parties (gardeners, cooperatives, distributors…) to avoid information manipulation from any party. Since all information is recorded using blockchain technology, it is impossible for anyone to delete, modify, or counterfeit. This means the information is immutable.

Immutability with blockchain is completed through a system of decentralization. Information is stored in a multi-server community that is not concentrated in a server so the ability to forge is almost impossible. The GS1 standard is a globally recognized general standard. Applying GS1 standards in blockchain traceability makes the verification task easier when exporting products to global markets and integrates easily into existing systems.  This contributes to the increase of product values.

Blockchain technology is completely different from the traditional QR Code solution. Traditional QR-Code only allows links to websites and provides static basic information. Information on the website does not contain status updates, shipping times, preservation information, or delivery processes for each mango or mango fruit batch. The information recorded on the website is easily changed or deleted. Traceability using blockchain technology enables consumers to easily verify the quality of agricultural products thus minimizing fraud and risks in the supply chain. This enhances the prestige and brand value for businesses in the market.

Blockchain Enables Vietnamese Mangoes to Enter American Markets

Application of traceability of agricultural products using blockchain technology in compliant with GS1 standards

Vietnamese mangoes have been upgraded to a new level. The mangoes not only meet Vietgap and Global Gap quality standards but they are also equipped with modern technology to transparent production and consumption processes.  This new technology guarantees the quality for end-users.

This is the result of the efforts of Vietnamese farmers teaming up with technical experts to meet the regulatory standards in some of the world’s most stringent markets.    Conquering the US market is a source of mango growers and technology researchers in Vietnam. Reaching high-end markets contributes to higher profits for farmers and contributes to the health of Vietnam’s economy.

Mr. Vo Viet Hung, Director of Xoai My Xuong and Dong Thap Cooperatives explained that “we are very happy and excited when Vietnamese mangoes are qualified to join the most demanding market, which is the US market. This will open a new perspective and new opportunity for the Vietnam mango industry.”

Mangoes are the sixth fruit of Vietnam exported to the US market after dragon fruits, rambutans, longans, litchis, and vu sua. According to Dong Thap Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the province annually exports 93,000 tons of mangoes to Japan, Australia, South Korea, Russia, and other counties. 2018 was considered the most successful export year in Vietnam with the highest export turnover reaching nearly 4 billion USD.

Blockchain Enables Vietnamese Mangoes to Enter American Markets

The representative of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in Dong Thap and the representative of the US Consulate General

in Ho Chi Minh City performed a ritual to bring mango products into export container.


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